How I Got The First 100+ Likes For A Facebook Page Using Facebook Ads

I was studying how to create Facebook Ads when a friend ask for my help to promote her Facebook Page since she will have an event.

"Lucky me!", I told myself. This would be a perfect opportunity to apply what I have learned. Without second thoughts, I said YES!

Of course,  my friend's objective for this ad is to increase the Page Likes on her Facebook Page because it is still new.

Since this is my first time to create a Facebook Ad, I have suggested to run the ad for 3 days only with a minimal budget. It had me thinking, "what could be the lowest amount Facebook would approve for an ad campaign"? Let me surprise you with that later 🙂

So, I studied my friend's company and the upcoming event that she will have. From there I got the demographics of the target market. Then, I went inside the Facebook Ads Manager.

First, I created an ad account which contains the account information needed by Facebook for ads billing and reporting data.


There are two payment methods to pay for your Facebook Ads: via Credit Card and via PayPal.

Then, I created an Ad Set. This is where I connect the Facebook Page I want to promote.

It is also in the Ad Set section where I created the target audience, the placements, and the budget & schedule when the ad will run. Below is the summary of the Ad Set I created:

Tada! The budget I allotted is only P50 per day.

And the ad campaign I have made run for 3 days only. 

When I got to the section of Images and Text, I got halted with the image I attached.

Facebook did not approve my image due to an overlay text. 

And so I revised the image. This time, before I submitted my creative, I checked it first using the tool Facebook Image Text Checker:

And my Ad Campaign got approved!

 After 3 days, Facebook told me that I got 125 Page Likes!

This was the report generated by Facebook after the campaign has ended:

My friend was so happy because of the following reasons:

  1. her Facebook Page got its first 125 Page Likes in just 3 days
  2. her Facebook Ad Campaign cost lesser with only P1.19 per Page Like
  3. it only cost her P148.91 for 3 days Facebook Ad Campaign

This was a great achievement to me, creating Facebook Ads for the first time.


My Final Thoughts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to succeed with Facebook Ads. One tip is to know your target audience, then show your ad to them. They are the most likely to click your page or buy your products.

Have you tried running a Facebook Ad? Are you getting the results even on a small budget? Share below!

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