5 Affirmations To Drive Away Negative Thoughts

I was caught in a web of fears! I cannot seem to get out and move on.

I am supposed to be looking for gigs (or clients) now but every time I make the first move, fear gripped me to immobility.

Among those are:

1. I am still a newbie. I do not know everything. I do not have an expertise. Can I really attract clients?

2. What if I said the wrong words and drive away the potential client?

3. What if I cannot perform what the client is asking me to do?

4. I have no experience talking and dealing with foreign clients. What if I cannot understand them, with all their slang words?

5. I am afraid I cannot express myself properly.


I bet, you too have your own share of fears.

It is so easy to be paralyzed with all the negative thoughts coming in our heads, right?

So, if negative thoughts found their way into our heads, surely positive thoughts could find its way too!

I rummaged my bookshelves for books that could unlock a passageway for positive thoughts to come. I found the book  "How Your Words Can Change Your World" by my favorite Author and Lay Preacher Bo Sanchez. Inside are powerful Faith Declarations that can transform thoughts and eventually lead to your desired future.  Let me share with you some:

1. Claim Your Freedom helps you refocus on your dreams and form good habits.

2. Claim for a Fantastic Future gives you stability in thoughts and emotions. 

3. Claim for God's Big Surprises gives you hope and excitement for great things to come.

4. Claim for a Blessed Life excites and lifts you high.

5. Claim for Your Dreams to Come True opens your mind to conspiracy of the things and circumstances surrounding you.

Did you say the affirmations? How does it made you feel? Amazingly wonderful, right? I know it will blow your negative thoughts away. Positive ones will come in as it did to me.

Oh, here's another! Short but equally powerful affirmation: "TODAY, I AM ENJOYING GOD'S ABUNDANCE!"  Declare it every day and see how it will double your strength and make you a conqueror!


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