6 Keys to Conquer the World of an Online Entrepreneur

My journey to conquer the world of the online entrepreneur is an uphill climb. There are days when the terrain is smooth but most of the time it is craggy. Sometimes I need to crawl to inch myself forward. There are times when I would slip but pick myself up again through the help of a guide and continued my climb. At times, I found myself entangled in a web of confusions and fears but I reminded myself of the prize --- the crown of freedom and happiness seated at the summit.

So instead of giving up and turning back, I continue to shove my way. I believe that I carry with me the right keys which can bring me to the summit of my dreams. You may want to carry these too!


Here are the 6 Keys to Conquer


Unless you know what you want, you cannot move forward. It is what you want that would fuel you to action. It is what you want that will direct your actions. Jim Rohn, a famous author and motivational speaker said: "when you know what you want, you will find a way to get it".  So what it is that one thing that you really want to happen in your life? Me, I want the freedom to use my time the way I want.


The words TODAY, PRESENT, NOW are the same. They are very important because what you decide and do in your today will determine what you will become tomorrow. Unless you act now, you cannot get things done; you will not get anywhere. You will just remain where you are in the present. You may slip and stumble, but unless you act to stand up, you cannot move on. Act now to bring yourself closer to your dreams.


Allow yourself to be guided by someone who can show you the way because he has been there already; he has walked and threaded the path where you want to go. All you need to do is follow his footsteps so you can reach your destination faster than he has done before. Learn from his experience and mistakes; from his good choices and wisdom. As for me, I first enrolled under the Virtual Assistant mentoring program of Jomar Hilario who gradually instilled in me the right mindset and equipped me with knowledge and technical skills through his weekly webinars and support group in Facebook. Later, I enrolled in the Savvy Tech Training and level up my technical skills. I also listened to podcast and attended webinars of great influencers like Rick Murray, Jon Loomer, Laura Ball and Amy Porterfield. 


What you focus on grows! If you focus on learning, you grow your knowledge and skills. If you focus on the difficulty, it will grow bigger till it intimidates you and eventually paralyzes you. So keep the focus on the right thing. As for me, I focus on my training; on the assignments that I need to accomplish on a certain time.  Most of all, my mind is focus on the final reward, the prize I will get in the end, and so all my actions are in sync to what my mind focuses on.


If you maintain the right focus, it is but a second nature that you also know how to discipline yourself. How to discipline yourself? Get down, list what you need to do (those that would bring you closer to your dreams), and do a daily schedule. And the most important part, STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE.  Discipline yourself to form a habit; habit to form a character. Jim Rohn says, "success is nothing but a few simple disciplines, practiced every day". In my case, I discipline myself to limit my time to watching TV and playing PC games so I can give more time to my training and assignments; to practicing what I have learned in the webinar. I discipline to do away with activities that are unproductive and shift my attention to productive things.


I always believe in the power of prayer. Not because God will change His mind if I consistently plead and beg but because prayer changes my inner disposition. It is through prayer that:

a. God renews my strength when I feel like giving up;

b. God gives me fresh supply of courage when fears almost choked me to paralysis;

c. God cleanses my mind and gives me clarity on the journey I am taking on;

d. God affirms that He is journeying with me so that keeps me hopeful and positive.

A change in my inner disposition makes me capable and determined to overcome whatever obstacles that will come my way. I simply cannot live a day without praying because prayer accompanies me in my daily life activities.

Those are my list of essentials. With it, I can almost touch the crown I have been wanting to reach. I can see myself dancing with freedom and happiness.

Hope I have cheered you on as you continue your own journey.


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